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I’ve moved again, surprise, surprise… now broadcasting from Hamburg City. Presenting you a new mix, some house, techno and beeehhatz. 4 different tracks in the first 5 minutes! That’s how I roll.

Playlist klabusta mix 12-08-07

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Since I’ve left USA the music I’m listening to is less and less influenced by the LA beat scene. It’s getting more electronic!

Playlist klabusta mix 12-04-03

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More music!

I couldn’t tape a new mix the last months, which doesn’t mean I didn’t get new music. 1 day after the previous mix, I’ve made a new one. This one is more relaxed. Enjoy:

Playlist klabusta mix 12-02-24

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I’ve left Los Angeles and I’m now broadcasting from Southern Germany! The last days were kind of hectic, so apologies for not uploading new mixes.

Playlist klabusta mix 12-02-23

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My last mix in LA

I’m leaving LA and I’ll most probably sell my DJ console. Let me know if you need one 😉 This mix starts with some fresh techno and ends with a couple of funky beats! I suppose it will take a while until I post something here. Stay tuned though, this is not the end!

Playlist klabusta mix 11-10-31

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Piaintro mix

A lot of piano and some of my previously plaid mix intros.

Playlist klabusta mix 11-10-01

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Coming from LA: A new mix!

Playlist klabusta mix 11-09-10

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Season of good music

There are times I can’t find any new music, but the last 2 months have been brilliant. I crammed 30 tracks into 50 minutes. So don’t miss one!

Playlist klabusta mix 11-08-13

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Arbitrarily put together

Great songs, weird order of songs though.

Playlist klabusta mix 11-07-28

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Spring, no good

I had a really hard time to find good music the last weeks. Except yesterday! New mix. Tadaaa. Starting off very sing-sang melodic, ending up with some weird beats.


Download klabusta mix 11-06-17

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