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Relax! No heavy beats today.

I’ve been putting together some of my favorite chillout tracks. No special mixing or whatsoever. There you are:

Playlist klabusta mix 07-03-20

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Stabilising around 125 BPM?

Well, I abused my blog for some other announcements. But I found some time to record a new DJ set. Have a break, have a klabusta mix!

Playlist klabusta mix 07-03-10

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Social networking / Google maps mashup

Friends of mine created a nice web 2.0 project: “Combining social networking and Google Maps elements, Tupalo hosts a database of user reviews for locations involved with independent culture, such as independent record stores, vegetarian restaurants, fashion boutiques, live venues and other subjects.” As their little startup is located in Vienna, many places can be found there.
Give it a try: Tupalo Vienna.