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drumroll… some of my own tracks

I love “Untrue” from “Burial”; actually the new mix contains some tunes from this album and… drumroll… some of my own tracks. Finally I made it to tape a mix that is more groovy than the recent ones before.
No long talkin:

Playlist klabusta mix 07-12-14

Download klabusta mix 07-12-14

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A remix, tricks!

A friend of mine asked me to produce a remix for an artist called “Elle P”, the name of the song is “Tricks”: Elle P on Myspace
Actually it’s kind of a compromise, no pure style. However, probably somebody is diggin it.

  • +  elle-p-tricks-klabusta-remix.mp3

Little play thing no clever elaborated music…

…called “don’t tase me bro”. Listen:

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