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Get my nerd on

This is my first Ableton Live-Propellerheads Reason-Rewire project. Enjoy!

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Bedroom music

I thought it was about time to release another mix with chillout music. So no beats this time, it even contains some e-guitar songs. D’oh!

Playlist klabusta mix 10-09-14

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Holding back

I’m still hooked on the songs of my last mix. Nonetheless, I cannot hold back the rest of the tracks I gathered the last weeks. Biddibiddibeats and dribbidibiididrumnbass! The songs of my next mix will be coming from my secret chillout-music stash!

Playlist klabusta mix 10-09-08

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To listen at home

I tried to put the last tracks I posted on twitter into a new mix. I got so much new music, another mix will be released soon!

Playlist klabusta mix 10-09-02

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