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Hope it works

I tried to keep it more electronic and minimal this time. Hope it works. About 50 minutes of klabusta’s finest!

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Pop party

I’m having issues with the new version of wordpress, don’t upgrade if you don’t really have to, it sucks big time.
However, I’m really productive these days, so there is a new mix. About one hour, loads of poppy sounding, break-bouncing beats. Bit housy, some remixes, my new song, etc. Next mix will be more technoid, I promise.

Playlist klabusta mix 08-04-04

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I go techno

Oh well, after I released Digital Dementia, I received the most feedback for the song Me vs Me… Might be that people prefer techno, ey? Anyway, this is for you! Let’s say “a groovy techno production”.
A friend of mine, originally from London, always told me: I’m from UK, living in Austria, but if someone asks me, where I’m from, I always say “I’m a world citizen”. I dig it! And that’s the song’s name.

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