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My new song: techno! It’s called “emptified”


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Wow, after one of my mixes had been played on FM4, the visits on my podcast skyrocketed. Anyways, no mix this time but a new song! It’s called “masturdating”, the ‘d’ in the title is intentional! If you’re solely interested in my mixes go to the dj-section .


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Get my nerd on

This is my first Ableton Live-Propellerheads Reason-Rewire project. Enjoy!


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klabusta on twitter

I set up a twitter account to post music recommendations:

Wrapped in bacon

I’m still working on my live act and making good progress. But I doubt I’ll put together a new mix the next weeks. However, here is a small snippet from the new set, called “wrapped in bacon”. Enjoy.


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Live act

I’m working on a live act right now, so there is no time for DJing. I made a couple of short tunes that rather fit into the live act than make a whole releasable song. Anyway, I liked one that I worked a bit longer with. I call it brainwrong:


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Wonky style

My music style hasn’t been very consistent the last year. Inspired by Nosaj Thing or Flying Lotus I go wonky this time. Happy 2010!


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Drum and Bass it is then

Yes, dubstep and drum & bass did it to me. Just a new drum & bass song was missing. But here it is! It’s called “why the earth is spinning” and has a sample of one of my most favourite singers! Guess who she is.


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I played a new own track in my last mix that wasn’t ready to be released. I finally did the fine-tuning, so here it is. It’s called “get your fingers burnt”. Thanks for the naming service, Keule!


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Sleep is so last night

It was a matter of time until I try to make dubstep on my own. The dubstep scene in LA is just the kind of inspiration I needed for that.

The track is called: Sleep is so last night.


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